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How to Pass the Praxis


For a lot of people the last thing that stands in their way of becoming a teacher is the praxis or other state teaching exam. This can be a challenging test and if you do not adequately prepare for it, it can keep you from becoming a teacher. While a lot of people fear or dread taking the exam, this is a mistake. The praxis is a very pass-able test if you know how to study properly and have some essential test taking strategies. Whether you are preparing to take the test for the first time or getting ready to retake the exam, there are some helpful tips you can use to ensure you are successful.


One of the best resources you can use to prepare for the praxis is a study guide. Study guides are created by people who have inside knowledge or expertise in what to expect in your core subjects ec-6 practice test. If you are preparing to become an elementary education teacher using a praxis multiple subjects study guide may be the best study resource you can use. This will help you direct your studying efforts to ensure you are effectively studying the material that you need to pay the most attention to.


Also, do not underestimate the effectiveness or importance of taking practice tests. Taking as many practice tests as you can will help you get in the mindset of what to expect on your exam. When you take a practice test it also helps to simulate a testing environment and approach taking the test like you are taking the real thing. Therefore, you should approach your praxis elementary practice test as if it was the real thing. You will notice that even though it is just a practice setting, this will prepare you for when the time comes to sit down and take the real thing. Know more about the praxis 2 elementary education multiple subjects.


Text anxiety can be a huge obstacle for a lot of test takers. If you suffer from test anxiety there are some things you can do to help control or manage your anxiety levels. For example, if you notice you are starting to get anxious taking a minute to control your breathing and using a breathing exercise can help you lower your stress level before it becomes too much. Another useful tool is to visualize taking the test a day or two before you actually do. Visualization can help you anticipate what will happen the day of the test which can help you feel more in control and manage your anxiety better.


Passing the praxis will take some work, but you can definitely do it. Using study guides and approaching practice tests like the real thing is a great way to ensure you are effectively studying and prepared for the test. While test anxiety can be difficult, being adequately prepared and having strategies to manage your anxiety can give you the relief you need. You have worked too hard to become a teacher to let the praxis or other teaching license exam get in your way. So if you want to ace the praxis test and alleviate any stress, studying early will be your best strategy. If you want to learn more about the qualities of a good teacher, you can visit